by Sabry Otmani, CEO and founder of Pulpix

Why Video Content is Necessary to Your Editorial Strategy

The world is changing, and fast. Online traffic will soon be dominated by online video.

According to the latest studies, online video is on track to become one of the most watched mediums. In fact, the interactive market is very quickly catching up with television advertising, a channel which was, until now, the go-to for big brands.

Savvy companies are seizing this opportunity by investing more and more money into digital advertising because they have understood that interactivity is the future of marketing.

A Forrester reportpredicts that by 2017 interactive marketing spend will have actually surpassed TV advertising spend. Among online marketing executives, online video is the buzzword, with 64% of brand marketers interviewed by Nielsen confirming that video content will dominate their strategies. It seems that now is the time to funnel resources into interactive video.

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You may be wondering, why this shift in focus?

The number of online video users is increasing exponentially. Currently, 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube, and by 2018 a million minutes of video content will be uploaded every second. This will remarkably represent 79% of all internet traffic.

Marketers have realized that they must move to where the audience is, and not wait for the audience to go to them. Perhaps the most important factor is that video is no longer reserved for when viewers have the time to sit down, download and relax.

Today, over 9 in 10 consumers are watching online video on their mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Furthermore, with this freedom of device choice, 40% of 18–24 year olds are watching video more than 10 times per week.

The ease of access to information via mobile devices is incredible. Confronted with an unprecedented number of users, companies must therefore find more engaging and immediate ways to connect with their viewers. This is, after all, a new era of conversation. Interaction between the company and the client has never been more important.

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