by Sabry Otmani - Co-Founder and CEO at Pulpix

Video Publishing Breakfast in New York - February 2017

Pulpix Video Publishing Breakfast #1 Cover

We were delighted to host the first Video Publishing Breakfast in New York last week, the first of a long series. Question of the day was straightforward: How to maximize video revenue in 2017?

Here you can find the audio version of the conference

To try to puzzle out this question, we had the chance to listen to amazing experts from the industry :

Hervé Brunet, co-founder of StickyAds (acq. by Freewheel)

Jon Bond, co-founder of KBS 

Maxime Auburtin, Video Manager at Condé Nast France

Eric Franchi, co-founder of Undertone and IAB board director (moderator) 

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Here is a quick digest of the most crucial and important information we’ve learned during this roundtable.

Publishers are selling more than a blank space, they can sell a powerful brand.

For Jon Bond, as a brand, publishers managed to create a special relationship with their audience. They have trust from their users and credentials that Google or Facebook don’t have. They say ‘You are special’ to their viewers because not only do they believe it but they focus all their efforts on making it real. 

Why do people go to social networks? To see their friends’ feeds. What would social platforms be without publishers’ content, but a mix between a photo album and a message app? This is why publishers should be leveraging their brands. To this extent, Hervé Brunet called for a global industry cooperation: publishers need to share and unify their data and make the most out of it. 

For Maxime Auburtin from Condé Nast France, the majority of the revenue generated by video comes from branded content campaigns as they combine high value fashion brands with Condé Nast’s outlet brands such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. This kind of video productions generates great ROI, but still requires to find engaged eyeballs online. 

Distribution channels really matter.

Video production is very costly, and even if publishers can find tremendous cheap tools for creating videos, brands still spend a lot while, most of the time, nobody is watching. Our 3 speakers advocated for the need today of a well-thought distribution strategy. For Condé Nast, branded video content plays an important role and Maxime Auburtin outlawed the need for a global distribution strategy both online (brand and third-party websites, social networks) and offline (influencers, events).

Publishers need to think their overall content distribution strategy through the scope of personalization. If social networks are a way to do so, recommendation systems are useful for on-site views, engagement and revenue increase.

Mobile is the last mile, do not underestimate its potential. 

For Hervé Brunet, delivering video today is still a mess: viewing quality, native content production or adblockers management make it really complicated, both on desktop and mobile. He thinks the next challenge for publishers is to offer a premium video experience on mobile to impact positively their perceived brand quality.

Indeed, mobile is the last mile. Mobile engages viewers far beyond any other device. When viewers are watching a video on mobile, they are one step away from making a decisive action (click on ads, buy a product, go to a store, subscribe to a service).

The beginning of a great adventure.

Thanks to the insights of our speakers and to the intense exchange we had with all the attendees, we could compare different strategies for getting users on site and keeping them engaged. We also had the opportunity to discuss the state of the video market with respect to brand content, distribution, programmatic and personalization: what buyers are asking for and how publishers are delivering it. 

At Pulpix, we were really happy to host this event and meet amazing people who make this industry grow. Our mission is to help publishers and advertisers create incredible video experiences. We are truly excited to take part in designing the future of online video.

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You are interested in the future of video? You want to join our community? Please contact us at and we will be happy to talk with you! 


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