Press Release - Jan. 2017 | Pulpix Raises Seed Funding Round

Funds Will Be Used For Product Development and Expansion Into The United States

NEW YORK, USA and PARIS, FRANCE, January 2017: Pulpix, the Y-Combinator backed startup leveraging Artificial Intelligence to increase video viewer engagement, today announced that it has raised $850,000 in seed round from investors that includes Studio VC, Ace Capital, Sagacity Ventures, Acequia Capital, Verta Media and others. The capital will be used to accelerate product development and to fuel growth in the U.S. market with the opening of an office in New York City.

Founded in 2015, the company has spent the past two years developing a comprehensive video engagement software that boasts a predictive algorithm, creative front-end formats and advanced analytics. Its proprietary technology is the first hybrid engine in the video recommendation space, based on content analysis and viewer behavior. This aims to keep users on site longer, leading to better video engagement and monetization. Its Artificial Intelligence-based algorithm has been used by more than 50 publishers including L’Equipe, GQ France and several Prisma Media’s properties to increase video views by up to 60%.

Online video is one of the fastest-growing segments of the digital advertising market, reaching nearly $5 billion in revenue in 2016 versus $3.85 billion in 2013, according to Business Insider Intelligence. In addition, digital video offers far higher CPM than traditional banner ads.

“Pulpix is a fantastic product that helps us personalize video streams for every consumer of our platforms, leading to better user engagement and creating additional high-value video advertising inventory” said Maxime Auburtin, Video Product Manager at Conde Nast France.

Digital video is a growing market that will only continue to grow in the coming years. At Pulpix, we are focused on building the tools and technology for premium publishers to capitalize on this massive opportunity while keeping control on their traffic and monetization. “We understood that high engagement on social platforms is mainly due to the incredible video experience delivered. We aspire to enable users to enjoy that same experience on publisher’s websites: it’s all about finding the right combination between personalized video feed and user-friendly design”, said Sabry Otmani, CEO & co-founder of Pulpix.

"Artificial intelligence applied to video consumption patterns offers publishers tremendous potential in dramatically improving viewer engagement," said Chon Tang, active angel investor in ad-tech startups like TubeMogul, Pulpix, and Mira.

Pulpix software is universally compatible with all publishers, working seamlessly with all leading video technology stacks and can be implemented in minutes. Pulpix is also certified by major viewability measurement providers Integral Ad Science and MOAT.


Pulpix was founded in 2014 and backed by Y-Combinator. The company develops a cutting-edge predictive video technology to help online publishers and broadcasters increase viewers engagement.


Sabry OTMANI, CEO of Pulpix, Inc.   +1 (415) 996 4453


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