AI-Powered Video Feeds on Your Mobile Site

We combine Artificial Intelligence and User Experience to offer your audience an engaging video experience that you can monetize.

A Platform-Like Experience


  • One tap, multiple views.

    Our proprietary algorithm serves a personalized video feed to your users based on content and preferences.

  • Born for mobile.

    Pulpix is designed to enhance your mobile site with a viewing experience truly made for mobile.

  • Viewable advertising.

    This feed is the solution for the lack of space and inventory your mobile sites suffer from.

Get Unprecedented Results



Increase video views by 70% thanks to a premium video experience.



Double time spent on site with a personalized video stream.



Pulpix increase the viewability of your video inventory to match with IAB standards. 

Centrally Manage Branded Content Campaigns


  • Campaign Manager

    Pulpix Manager allows media brands to manage their video inventory across all of their properties from a single dashboard. 

  • In-Depth Analytics

    Our analytics capture trending videos and audience engagement, and uncover new video ad opportunities. 

  • Audience Data

    Manage your direct or programmatic campaigns, or let us monetise your new inventory for you.

They Trust Pulpix

Benefits for Publishers


Set yourself apart from the crowd. Expose your viewers to new ways of experiencing video through our different formats.


Increase the amount of content a user interacts with and the average time they spend on your website.


Unlock a new video inventory, increase video views and benefit from ad impressions opportunities.

Download our Case Studies

Here are a few examples of how we work with several publishers from different industries.

  • L'Equipe

    L'Equipe Case Study Cover 3

    L’Equipe is the biggest French daily sports magazine. They were looking for an increase in mobile revenue and a boost in audience retention.

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  • Cosmopolitan

    Cosmopolitan Case Study Cover 3

    Cosmopolitan is one of the biggest women’s magazines, proprietary of Marie-Claire Group in France. They were looking for a way to turn readers into viewers and to increase premium video inventory on mobile site.

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  • GQ Magazine

    GQ CASE STUDY Cover 3

    GQ France is an international monthly men's magazine focusing on fashion, style, and culture for men. They were looking for an increase in mobile revenue and a boost in video views.

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L'Equipe Case Study Cover 3
Cosmopolitan Case Study Cover 3

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